Contacting the AIRT team

The AIRT development team can be contacted in a variety of ways. 

Bug reports

If you wish to report a bug, please send us email.

Feature requests

If you wish to request a feature, please file tell us on the mailing list. If your feature request is not taken up by the community, or if you have another reason why you would like to keep your request confidential, please send us email.

Support requests

AIRT support is provided via a mailing list. If you are unable to get the support you need, or if you want to have another reason why you do not want your support request to be made public, please send us email.

Contributing code

The AIRT development team greatly appreciates code contributions! Please send us email if you have code that you would like to share with the community.

Other requests

If you have request that is not covered by the above, please mail us!